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WHS nurse Mary Freeland has been in charge of the health of students for 17 years. She has worked for the Arizona department of juevinle corrections, durango detention center, elementary school nursing, and the hospital. I wanted to know more about what goes on in the nurses office, so kids could gain more understanding about the person that takes care of you when your feeling down.

What are some helpful tips for flu season?

“Not sharing food, and staying home if you run a fever can prevent the flu” can not only help speed up the process of getting over the flu, but can make sure you not missing any important school work.

What is one thing you live by as a nurse?

“Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!” was a very important phrase Nurse Mary used.

Is it hard top take care of lots of sick students?

It is very hard to take care of lots of students because I am the only “medical personal” on campus who has to try help everyone feel better

Why did you choose Washington to be a nurse?

Washington was where my mom went to to school, so that is a motivation that made me apply for the job.

How do you make the enviornment your working in welcoming to students?

“I put up posters on the wall, I paint the room purple for school spirit, there are crackers and water out for the students, and there is a lavander pot so the students can feel calm” said Nurse Mary.


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