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 PSAT: Wednesday, October 25.

What do I have to know about PSAT?

If you have completed your PSAT registration, please be


What can you see your counselor for?

Anyone can see their counselor for a variety of reasons. Counselors are available to students to request a change in schedules and to talk about college. If you are interested in knowing more about the college requirements, scholarships, credits, or applications they will always be happy to help. Counselors are even available to have a conversation about anything that you are worried about, or if you need other services. They are excited to meet you, so make sure to introduce yourself to your counselor and create a relationship with them.

How  do you make an appointment with your counselor?

Making an appointment with your counselor is not as intimidating and difficult as many student believe. Ms. Baños has a clip board in front of her desk int he counseling office where you are asked your first and last name, the reason you want to see your counselor and your counselors name. If you don’t know who you counselor is, Ms Baños is always willing to look it up for you. You will receive a pass within a couple of days. You can also email your counselor with questions.

How can you get your transcript?

Securing your transcripts is quite easy. All you have to do is go to the counseling office and ask Ms. Baños for the transcript request sheet. Then you just fill out the paper and turn it back into Ms. Baños.  They can send your official transcripts  to colleges, or you may pick up an unofficial transcript for other purposes.

How do you get cleared for sports?

The athletics office is in the same building as the Counseling office; however in this case you would talk to Mrs. Barnes. She can help you with finishing the clearance papers. Any question you have on a sport you want  to play can be answered by her. For any sport it is recommended that you visit Mrs. Barnes and ask if your clearance is complete.

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