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5 minutes with Lissa Bergner

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Home town/ country:

How is your hometown different from Phoenix ?

Volkermarkt is small compared to Phoenix. The population is only 10,000 people for Austria and its spread out, and the seasons are the same compared to Phoenix but it snows during the winter.

What is your favorite part of your hometown ? why ? 

“I like to live outside of the city , walk my dog , hiking and running.”

What are some special attractions in your area ? 

“The lake .”

Do you like to travel around ? If so where ? where would you still like to go ?  

“I have an apartment in Italy every year . And I also visited Ireland and Australia.”

Where have you traveled in the U.S ? Where are you looking forward to going ?

“I went to San Francisco , Disneyland,  and I look forward to just traveling all around the U.S.”

How did you become part of the exchange program ?

“I did a presentation in the 7th grade.”

What’s the best thing about being an exchange student ? What was the hardest thing ?

“The best thing about being in the exchange program is it makes you feel proud & special talking about the country. The hardest part is missing my family.”

Would you recommend students to become an exchange student ?

“Yes , I recommend.”



What do you like to eat in Austria and do you yourself cook?

“I like to eat Schnitzel which is a traditional and famous dish in Austria. No, I don’t usually cook because I can’t, but if I could I would.”

Do you like American food and how does it differ from food back at home?

“American food is pretty similar to Austrian food. Though we don’t eat that much meat”

Since you’ve been here are American teens diets worse or better than teen ins Austria?

“Well my host family is pretty healthy and that is good because my mother was worried that I would gain weight. But like I’ve seen that Americans almost eat pizza everyday like they serve it for breakfast in the cafeteria so that’s bad”

What are some of your favorite artists?

“I really enjoy One Direction and my favorite member of the band is Niall, I also really like Shawn Mendez”

Do you enjoy American music?

“Yeah, I do but Austrians don’t really listen to that much rap so that’s kind of different”

What fashion trends do you have at home?

“The style is like kind of the same, we wear the same types of clothing. The traditional clothing in Austria is called bezirksjungbauren tag”

What are some of the holidays that you celebrate at home?

“We celebrate the same things, though at home our thanksgiving in september and also we give thanks for all the food that we’ve gotten. We also have harvest festivals with are very big in Austria”

What are some Tv shows that you watched at home or here?

“Some of the tv shows that I watch are like Riverdale”

What are some of your favorite movies?

“My favorite movies that I enjoy to watch are Titanic and The Notebook



Why Do They Call Schools “Gymnasiums”?

She knows a Gymnasium (geem-nasium) is a type of high school. She does not know why schools are called gymnasium though.

How do you start you school day in Austria and what after school activities do you have in Austria?

Her school day begins at 7:30 with her arriving to school. At 8 her classes begin lasting until 1:15 on normal days, or until 3:30 on certain days with 45 or 50 minute classes. After school the activities could either be choir or P.E. twice a week.

What are some differences between what Austria serves in the cafeteria vs. what we serve in our cafeteria?

In Austria, there are no hot foods served in the cafeteria. Many snacks served, similar to those here.

Do you have school uniforms?

No school uniforms.

What classes do you take that are similar to Honors classes here? Are there any subjects taught in Austra not taught here?

You choose your high school, which can be similar to honors in middle school to get you prepared for college and or career prep. Subjects not taught here but there are Italian and Latin.

Do they get school days off when it is snowing?

There is more snow but not enough snow to cancel school. .

Do they give more work here or in Austria?

They give more homework in Austria she says. Unlike in the United States though, both students and teachers “don’t care about it,” though.

Is there a difference in teaching style? Which school teaching method is easier to adapt to?

There is not really a difference I teaching style but whether or not the teacher is mean or strict there is. It depends on the teacher’s ability to keep her attention since some of her teachers lecture and others don’t.

Do they have STUGO at your school in Austria?

There is not a STUGO at her school. There is a School President for status

Why do you have a rock wall at your school?

“I don’t know.” she says. What she does know however, is, “It is in the boys gym and has been broken for some time because it is too expensive to repair.”

Is there an Interact Club at her school?

There is not an Interact Club at her school.


You just finished your volleyball season,Why does volleyball interest you?

 “I played volleyball back in Austria when i was little, and i thought it would be fun.”

Do they have any professional sports in Austria?

 “We have professional soccer but they’re not very

We’ve heard your might play tennis this spring, Have you ever played tennis before?

“ Really the only time i played it was in kindergarten, but it seems fun and hopefully i make the team

What about sports interest you the most?

 “ i’m not even a big sports fan, the only reason why i play is because i like to have fun!”

What are you looking forward too in the tennis season?

 “ I really just want to have fun and meet more friends.”

Did you ever play sports in Austria?

“I was on the volleyball but most of the time i played in P.E.”


What are your favorite hobbies in Austria?

Lissa’s favorite hobbies in Austria is to go skiing, hiking and an airgun shooting club with her sister.

Are you planning on playing any other sports here at5 Washington? If so, which ones?

Lissa plans on playing either softball or tennis during the spring season at Washington High School.

During winter time in Austria, what are your favorite activities?

During the winter time, Lissa enjoys skiing and watching Christmas movies with her family.

Since it snows in Austria during the winter, do you enjoy skiing or any other snow sports?

Yes, Lissa enjoys skiing.

What are your favorite things to do with your host family/family in Austria?

Her favorite things to do with her host family is rotary things and traveling. Her favorite things to do with her family in Austria is traveling and hiking.

Family and friends

How is the relationship between you and your family since you’ve been gone ?

I feel the same being away from home.

How often do you get to talk to your family ?

I talk to my family on the phone and skype.

If you get homesick can you go back home ?

My organization wouldn’t be happy if i went back home, but i can if i want too.

What are your thoughts on spending the holidays with your new family ?

I don’t mind spending the holidays with my new family, but i will miss my family.

Do you have many friends back home ?

I do have friends back home and in Arizona.

How do you think your family feels about you being away ?

My family supports me being away but my sister cries when she speaks to me on the phone, she misses me a lot

Have any of your family members traveled to Arizona before ?

My mom dad and grandparents have traveled to Arizona when they were younger.

Top 10 Favorites:

Favorite American junk food?


Favorite American Movie?

Titanic and The Notebook

Favorite american restaurant?

Italian restaurant downtown

Favorite American candy?

Reese’s Candy

Favorite Event?

Harry Styles concert

2 cardinals games

1 D-backs game

Favorite teacher of all time?


Favorite stores in America?

Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle

Favorite Memory?



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