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5 minutes with Alex

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Home town/ country:

How is your hometown different from Phoenix ?

There are houses, and they are not so spread out.

What is your favorite part of your hometown ? why ? 

I love their language and the building are tall and pretty.

What are some special attractions in your area ? 

The buildings ( churches).

Do you like to travel around ? If so where ? where would you still like to go ?  

I love to travel. I would travel to Germany and Italy.

Where have you traveled in the U.S ? Where are you looking forward to going ?

I went to San Francisco .  I’m looking forward to going to the Grand Canyon.

How did you become part of the exchange program ?

His brother was part of the program.

What’s the best thing about being an exchange student ? What was the hardest thing ?

The best thing is meeting new people, and the worst thing is missing family

Would you recommend students to become an exchange student ?

Yes, you meet new people and experience the culture.


What is your favorite home dish?

My favorite home dish is pizza.

Favorite snack?

My favorite snack is chocolate.

Do you like american food? What about Mexican food?

Yes, i like american food. Mexican food is very spicy to me.

Since you’ve been here are American teens diets worse or better than teens at Spain?

Teens diets in america are much worse, so much unhealthy stuff.

What are some of your favorite artists?

My favorite artists are eminem and fetty wap.

Do you enjoy American music?

Yes, i love it.

What fashion trends do you have at home?

We pretty much dress the same.

What are some holidays that you celebrate at home?

We have almost the same holidays, halloween is a bit different in that we don’t incorporate as much candy. We don’t have thanksgiving.

What are some tv shows you watched at home or here?

I don’t really watch tv. I’m busy with sports.

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is deadpool.


How do you start your school day in Spain and what after school activities do you have in Spain?

Alex’s school day in Spain begins at 8 AM ad lasts until 2 PM. After, there is a ½ hour lunch. The after school activities are basketball, which Alex participates in, and volleyball for girls.

What are some differences between what Spain serves in the cafeteria vs. what we serve in our cafeteria?

There are actually no cafeteria’s in Spain. Lunch is off campus. No food on campus.

Do you have school uniforms?

No school uniforms at his school, but at other schools there are.

What classes do you take that are similar to Honors classes here? Are there any subjects taught in Spain not taught here?

The classes in Spain are all the same curriculum, no advanced classes. Subjects not taught here but taught in Spain are religion. In Spain, the teachers switch classes and the students stay in the same class.

Do they give more work here or in Spain?

There is more homework in Spain, meaning there is more work in Spain.

Is there a difference in teaching style? Which school teaching method is easier to adapt to?

Here, it is more “cooler and funnier” while in Spain it is more strict and firm. Here is easier to adapt to.

Do they have STUGO at your school in Spain?

There is no STUGO since it is a religious school. No school president either.


You just finished your football season,Why does football interest you?

I watch football with my brother, and we don’t have football in Spain so i thought it would be a good experience

Do they have any professional sports in Spain?

Yes we do but they all suck!

We’ve heard your playing soccer, Have you ever played soccer before?

yes back in Spain i was on multiple teams.

Did you ever play sports in Spain?

yes all my life. Basketball Soccer and in PE

which sports interest you the most?

Football and soccer

What are you looking forward too in the soccer season?

Winning and having fun!


What are your favorite hobbies in Spain? 

Goes to the beach in the summer

Are you planning on playing any other sports here at Washington? If so, which ones? 

Football and soccer

Are you interested in any clubs at Washington?

No time for clubs

During winter time in Spain, does it snow? What are your favorite activities to do in the winter?

Yes, he likes to throw snowballs

What are your favorite things to do with your host family/family in Spain?

Shopping in Spain and watching movies and playing sports with his host family.

Family and friends:

How is the relationship between you and your family since you’ve been gone?

Our  relationship is the same, i just miss them alot.

How often do you get to talk to your family?

I talk to them once a week and i also text them.

If you get homesick can you go back?

Yes i can go back but i will not go.

What are your thoughts on spending the holidays with your new family?

I think it’ll be cool spending the holidays with my host family.

Do you have any friends back home?

I have friends back home and here.

How do you think your family feels about you being away?

My family is happy and sad about me being away.

Have any of your family members traveled to Arizona before?

None of my family have traveled to Arizona before.

Top 10 Favorites:

Favorite American junk food?

Pepperoni Pizza

Favorite American Movie?


Favorite american restaurant?

Canes Chicken

Favorite American candy?

All types Chocolate

Favorite Event?

Going to Flagstaff

Favorite teacher of all time?


Favorite American Drink?


Favorite Animal?

Bunny Mica

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