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5 minutes with Merle

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Home town/ country:

How is your hometown different from Phoenix?

Phoenix is way bigger, her hometown is about 900 people and it rains a lot compared to Phoenix.

What is your favorite part of your hometown? Why? 

Her favorite part of the town is a castle located in the middle of the town because its pretty classic.

What are some special attractions in your area? 

Some special attractions in the area is the Volkswagen car industries, which is a big thing.

Do you like to travel around? If so where? where would you still like to go?  

Yes, she likes traveling around. She has been to Prescott, Flagstaff and San Francisco. She would like to go to Asia.

How did you become part of the exchange program?

She became a part of the exchange program because her neighbors had done it, and she wanted to do it since she was eleven.

What’s the best thing about being an exchange student? What was the hardest thing?

The best thing about being an exchange student is that you get to speak another language, and you get a year off of school. The hardest thing about being an exchange student she has to keep things to herself because in Germany they are more honest.

Would you recommend students to become an exchange student ?

Yes, she would recommend students to become an exchange student.



What is your favorite home dish?

My favorite home dish is Schnitzel.

Favorite snack?

My favorite snack is Reese’s, which they do not have in Germany.

Do you like american food? What about Mexican food?

Yes and No, because a lot of the American food here in Phoenix is spicy, and also American’s put cheese on everything.I really burgers though.

Since you’ve been here are American teens diets worse or better than teens at Germany?

I really can’t tell because everyone eats different things but at school in Germany you can’t get pizza like here at Washington. Schools in Germany only serve hot foods, which are not good. Also, in Germany we do not have Cheetos or lays.

What are some of your favorite artists?

My music is very old fashioned such as the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and Clueso (a German artist)

Do you enjoy American music?

I love American music.

What fashion trends do you have at home?

Very different things such as red shoes and ripped jeans and nike shoes.

What are some holidays that you celebrate at home?

We celebrate kind of the same holidays. May 1st is the day for workers and they give out free candy. Also, Oct 3rd was when the treaty of West and East Germany was signed. Christmas is celebrated on the 24th.

What are some tv shows you watched at home or here?

Grey’s Anatomy and Sherlock Holmes which I watch in German. I also watch Tv shows in English to improve the language such as Stranger Things.I love watching Tv shows but my host family isn’t very big on them, they like watching movies more.

What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is Shutter Island.


How do you start your school day in Germany and what after school activities do you have in Germany?

Get up at 6 and on the bus by 6:25. 50 minutes to one hour bus ride. 2 different schedules, 7:45 to 4 or 7:45 to 1:30. Stay in same class all day. After school, go to do club sports outside of school since no clubs in school.

What are some differences between what Germany serves in the cafeteria vs. what we serve in our cafeteria?

A lot of junk food here. Preorder hot meals a month in advance in Germany or can bring your own lunch, like Merle does.

Do you have school uniforms?

No school uniforms at her school. No school uniforms in most schools in Germany

What classes do you take that are similar to Honors classes here? Are there any subjects taught in Germany not taught here?

Almost all the same classes she takes there are similar to our advanced learning classes here. The only subjects not taught here is Religious Studies and German

Do they give more work here or in Germany? How does the education system work?

Germany gives more work in class and a lot more homework for every class. In Germany, her school combines the 3 different education levels of there country. Combine AP classes for different schools.

Is there a difference in teaching style? Which school teaching method is easier to adapt to?

In Germany you read and write more. “Different types of essays and ways to test.” “Interact” a lot more in Germany with other students. Here is a lot easier to adapt to.

Do they have STUGO at your school in Germany?

No STUGO at her school in Germany.


Did you play sports in Germany?

I played team handball.

Do you plan on playing sports her?

I am on the soccer team.

Do you like to watch sports?

Sometimes I watch soccer.

Do they have professional sports in Germany?

Soccer is a big thing in Germany.

Does any of your family play sports?

My sisters play handball. My brother does MMA, and my mom plays ping pong.



What are your favorite hobbies in Germany? Why? 

Enjoys playing handball with her sister.

So we know you’re playing soccer now, but are you planning on playing any other sports here at Washington? If so, which ones? 

I can’t decide on either tennis or softball.

Are you interested in any clubs at Washington?

Not really, I don’t know about many.

During winter time in Germany, does it snow? What are your favorite activities to do in the winter?

I enjoy skiing and snowball fights with the first snow.

What are some fun activities to do in your town in Germany?

Nothing really.

What are your favorite things to do with your host family/family in Germany?

Enjoys going on trips with her host family. Enjoys spending time together with her family.

Family and friends:

How is the relationship between you and your family since you’ve been gone?

my family never calls, I asked them to give me my space, but i miss my older sister the most.

How often do you get to talk to your family?

I’am only allowed to talk to someone in Germany for 1 hour a week. I try not to talk to them as much.

If you get homesick can you go back?

I can go home if i want too but I don’t want too

What are your thoughts on spending the holidays with your new family?

I’m kind of nervous spending the holidays with my new family.

Do you have any friends back home?

I have a lot of friends back home.

How do you think your family feels about you being away?

My family have more time on their hands since I’m the last child left. they miss me a lot though.

Have any of your family members traveled to Arizona before?

My family is not allowed to travel to Arizona, and i do not want anyone to visit me, i could get kicked out of the program.


Top 10 Favorites:

Favorite American junk food?


Favorite Holiday?


Favorite American candy?


Favorite Hobbies to do in America?

Go shopping with host sister, and playing soccer

Favorite American Drink?

Diet Coke

Biggest fear?

Losing the stability of friends and family





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