Academic Excellence

Grace Hardy, Editor in chief

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Washington High School has been awarded an A rating by the Arizona Department of Education  due to their diligent working students and endless amounts of office hours to assist them in their classes.

The staff at Washington are overjoyed with the outcome because they love seeing all the students trying their best to succeed. Principal Kevin Cashatt expressed his appreciation and his reaction upon finding out.

“It’s fantastic, not every school in the state of Arizona is an A and to be in that elite class is an exciting thing,” Cashatt said. “Students can now say they go to one of the best schools in the state.”

In order to qualify for being an A rated school there are  a number of components that help boost the score. Graduation rates, Azmerit scores,  ELL component (english language learners), school growth, college and career readiness, ASvAB, and many others are things are what people look at, according to Principle Cashatt.

Now that Washington is considered an A the best way to maintain/improve is by applying those skills that your going to need from that class.

“The best way we can continue to improve and maintain our A rating is pay attention to what your teachers are saying, and work hard in your classes,” Cashatt said. “It’s not only going to help yourself, but the progress your GPA and financial earning.”

School not only teaches kids what they need for their classes, but it prepares them for the upcoming world of jobs, and college. Nowadays you need to be able to a critical thinker to get opportunities to live a better quality of life, according to Cashatt.

Evidence shows that students earn up to 75% more than the people with just a high school diploma. So, Washington does annual grade check to make sure students are on the right path.

“Education is one of those things you cannot take away from anybody,” Cashatt said. “Continue to work hard, continue to focus.”

WHS provides course and programs that some schools don’t offer. The programs that were added are law enforcement, engineering science, and a number of electives. However, even with all the class the students are never forgotten.

Everybody on the campus is supported, everyone is taken care of. It is a non judgemental place because [we] have a belief that all the of us are rams and [we] take care of each other to reach our goals, according to Cashatt.

“They don’t have the purple pride that we do here at washington,” Cashatt said. “It’s really about what [we] do for the kids.”

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