Art Club

Alyssianna Montesinos

Art Club is where teens go to create art or draw art. The purpose of this club is to create public art and personal art. And some of the activities that the art club has planned is creating ceiling tiles, personal art work and they are also going to have a candle making day for the club. And the club is now creating a mascot of WHS’s rival school and planning to burn it in the bomb fire at  school. Also, they will be having a tie-dye making day as well. And according to Ms. Bell Zinn a student should join the art club because they can “creatively express themselves”. And the officers of this club are Santana Morales , Alyssa Carrib , Alannis Rodas and Alesia Tallabas. And the days they meet on are Monday and Wednesday after school between 2:40 to 3:30 in room 315.